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About Us

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Tec-Tronic Systems is a leading company specializing in providing high quality video surveillance systems installation and services. Our dedicated support team and technicians have been installing advanced security camera systems, alarm systems and access control systems for a variety of businesses and homes in Sugarland, TX and the surrounding areas.

We are an Observint Technologies partner and are committed to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, business, educational institutions and government facilities. The security and well-being of our communities is our primary concern at Tec-Tronic Systems. Our role is to provide wide range of solutions and tailor them to each individual need.

As your full-service security solutions provider in Sugarland, TX, Tec-Tronic Systems is focused on providing the best and most affordable security solutions possible.

Advanced Technology

Tec-Tronic Systems offers a broad range of security products, including HD-TVI cameras, network IP cameras, embedded DVRs, hybrid digital video recorders, network video recorders, security monitors, HD analog and IP-based electronic access control solutions.

Comprehensive Value-Added Services

Tec-Tronic Systems offers comprehensive professional installation services for video surveillance cameras and security systems. We’ll help you get the most of out your system by setting up an optimized network and system configuration for your organization. Even after your installation is complete, we’re here to help.

Industry-based Security Solutions

Tec-Tronic Systems supports single and multi-site installation with reliable, cost-effective security solutions, customized for the specific needs of the application. Tec-Tronic Systems works with you to customize a solution to meet the specific security requirements of your home or business in Sugarland, TX.

As your trusted, single-source security provider in Sugarland, TX, we have a unique way of doing things. It’s how we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver our values – for our clients.